Bill Leonard

Disciples and Reformers

St. Paul’s welcomes the Rev. Dr. Bill Leonard who will present “Disciples & Reformers” at 10:15 a.m. on November 19 in Colhoun A. Leonard is the James and Marilyn Dunn Professor of Baptist Studies, Professor of Church History and former dean, Wake Forest University School of Divinity.

Can the reformers of the Church help you figure out how to grow and deepen your faith? The story of the Church is a story of reformation: sometimes in global tides of sentiment, and sometimes with local passion. As the world marks the 500th year of the Lutheran Reformation, we’ll take some time to consider a trio of reformers not as leaders of movements, but as people of deep faith themselves.

Bill Leonard is one of the most celebrated Baptist historians in America. His work crosses denominational lines to focus on his true passion: the wonder and varieties of religious expression. His most recent book conveys this in the title alone: The Homebrewed Christianity Guide to Church History: Flaming Heretics and Heavy Drinkers.

The class is the third in a four-part series titled, Looking Back to the Future of Your Faith: Finding Models and Mentors in the Church’s History. Do you feel like your faith is less strong than you’d like it to be? Have you wondered how to find the right role models for faith? The Church’s history can be a way to see into the lives of people who have shared similar struggles. In this four-part series, speakers from St. Paul’s and beyond will be the guides to find examples of discipleship among Christians past and present.