Homebrewed Church History

Dr. Bill Leonard and Matthew Phillips will teach a three-part Rector’s Forum series, Homebrewed Church History, at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday, February 10, 17 and 24 in Colhoun A.

Church history is the collection of stories of a lot of aggressive fights over the ideas people hold most dear, and sometimes the winners are not the most savory characters. Over three weeks, Dr. Bill Leonard and Parishioner Matthew Phillips will focus on some of the most intriguing stories as we think about controversies over spiritual life, heresy and punishment in the church, what salvation means, and how churches break apart and come back together. We’ll find inspiration in the sometimes strange corners of church history for a more vibrant and faithful church future.

The Rev. Dr. Bill J. Leonard is the James and Marilyn Dunn Professor Emeritus of Baptist Studies at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, which he served as founding dean. An ordained Baptist minister, Dr. Leonard has focused on the translation of the highest quality academic work to the mission and life of local churches like St. Paul’s, where he is a popular guest speaker.

Parishioner Matthew Phillips is an Associate Teaching Professor of Law and Ethics at Wake Forest University School of Business. He teaches courses in business law and ethics across the Business School’s undergraduate and graduate programs.