St. Paul's Clergy

Rector’s Forum Lenten Adult Formation Series

On Sundays in Lent, March 12, through April 9, at 10:15 to 11:00 a.m. in Colhoun A, St. Paul’s Clergy will present So What? The Governance of God, Part 2.

American society was built on the principle that all people should have access to things like education and opportunity in order to secure a bright future for themselves. But we know all too well that our country has fallen short of these ideals in recent years. Education, family life, community and income are all caught in the flux of politics, and American children are paying the price.

Christian churches, however, have the power to effect positive change on this grim reality. In the Kingdom of God, we are called by God to care for the “least of these,” and that includes not only caring for individual children and adults, but working to change the broken systems of education, income and community that promote situations of poverty.

How might we renew our commitment to this vision at St. Paul’s? How are we called to live differently as a result of our faith and work for change in our communities?

This Lent, join us for our second adult forum series on the Governance of God. Using the text Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis by Robert D. Putnam, the clergy of St. Paul’s will lead a series of discussions about how we might dedicate ourselves to a new future for the most vulnerable people of our society.

  • March 12: “American Dream: Myths and Realities,”
    led by the Rev. D. Dixon Kinser
  • March 19: “American Families,”
    led by the Rev. Sara C. Ardrey-Graves
  • March 26: “American Income and Jobs,”
    led by the Rev. John E. Shields
  • April 2: “American Education,”
    led by the Rev. Sara C. Ardrey-Graves
  • April 9: “American Community,”
    led by the Rev. D. Dixon Kinser