Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is at the heart of St. Paul’s, providing a ministry of shared presence, listening and support. Our clergy, pastoral staff and lay volunteers provide love, prayers, communion, healing and visits to parishioners in a variety of circumstances and at all ages and stages of life.

In the past year our clergy made more than 300 pastoral visits to hospitalized parishioners, presided over 24 baptisms, received or confirmed 21 adults, prepared and orchestrated the confirmation of 25 of our youth and officiated at eight weddings and 34 funerals. In addition, there were a number of home communion visits and other pastoral meetings with parishioners in need or in crisis. Nowhere is the breadth of life’s greatest joys and deepest sorrows more vividly apparent than in our pastoral care ministry. It is a ministry we all share, and to feel Christ’s presence when two or more are gathered is the profound significance of pastoral care.

To learn more about the pastoral ministries at St. Paul’s and opportunities to be involved, call the church office at (336) 723-4391.

Prayer Lists—St. Paul’s maintains a public prayer list, published weekly in ParishWeek and ParishLight, a confidential prayer list shared only with clergy and pastoral staff and a published prayer list for those on active military duty and their families.

With their permission, you may add someone to the public and confidential prayer lists by full name or first name only, and they will normally remain on the list for one month unless the request is renewed. Those on the military prayer list usually remain as long as they are on active duty. To add someone to the prayer lists, contact Amy Schell at (336) 723-4391, ext. 1208, or

Stephen Ministry—The Stephen Ministry prepares lay persons to provide distinctively Christian, confidential care one-on-one to those experiencing circumstances such as illness, divorce, loss of a loved one or loss of employment. Stephen Ministers typically meet with their care receivers for one hour per week and attend supervision meetings once a month. To learn more, contact Deb Howard at

Eucharistic Visitors—Eucharistic Visitors are trained by clergy and licensed by our bishop to administer the consecrated bread and wine to those who are unable to come to church. Visits typically take place in parishioners’ homes, hospital rooms or at hospice. Eucharistic Visitors are sent out by the congregation from church on Sunday mornings using the Eucharistic Prayer. To learn more please call the church office at (336) 723-4391.

Healing Prayer—St. Paul’s Healing Prayer Team offers prayers to heal body, mind and spirit during worship services. At Sunday services in the nave, members of the team are available at the side altar during Holy Communion. In the chapel, healing prayers are offered at the prayer desk. To learn more please call the church office at (336) 723-4391.

Agape Host Ministry—The members of this ministry assist in extending the care and comfort of Christ’s love to those who have lost loved ones and their families and friends at the time of a funeral by being present with the family before, during and after the service. To learn more please call the church office at (336) 723-4391.

Your Pledge Makes All Our Ministries Possible

To pledge to the 2017 annual giving campaign, Faithful Stewards of God’s Bounty, contact Director of Stewardship and Outreach Ministries Sally Dudley at (336) 723-4391, ext. 1502, or