The Rev. D. Dixon Kinser, Rector

Giving Hands, Grateful Hearts

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”  – Karl Barth

One of the twentieth century’s greatest theologians, Karl Barth, had a knack for rendering profound theological truth from uncomplicated phrases like the one above. Barth recognized a powerful connection between joy and gratitude – a connection that is tangible in our lives when we practice generosity.

There is much to be grateful for at St. Paul’s. We are a growing parish, and our ministries are thriving in this season of spiritual vitality. When people visit, the word “joy” is used to describe this place. I agree with them, which brings us back to Mr. Barth.

Joy is woven into our common life at St. Paul’s because we experience gratitude and put that gratitude into action. The theme of this year’s annual campaign captures this dynamic perfectly: Giving Hands, Grateful Hearts. It reminds us that we are grateful for the profound works of ministry that the hands of this parish do every day as they join God’s renewal of all things (Mt 19:28).

We have so much good work still to do at St. Paul’s, work that is not possible without your support. I hope that the stories of generosity in this brochure inspire you to contribute as a pledging member of this parish. What would 100% participation mean to the world we endeavor to heal? What lives would be made better?

May we all find a place to reach out our hands in grateful service. We are joyful as we give thanks and in giving thanks, we find real joy.

With Much Gratitude,




The Rev. D. Dixon Kinser

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