Rector’s Annual Giving Message

I love fresh tomatoes, but one summer, our garden yielded far too many. So we started calling our friends. Was there anyone who needed tomatoes? Was there salsa to be made in another kitchen? Were there any BLs that needed a T? Sure enough, we found plenty of takers and relished hearing how our friends enjoyed what we’d shared.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “Faithful Stewards of God’s Bounty.” It’s great because it reminds us first, that everything belongs to God. The food on our table, the change in our pocket and even the breath in our lungs are gifts from the Creator with no strings attached. We are also challenged to remember that, second, we are taking care of things that belong to someone else. What we’ve been given does not come from our hand, and so we have a responsibility to make sure God’s resources go where God wants them to go.

Understanding this relieves our anxiety because in God’s economy, there is always enough. We share a bounty in God’s kingdom where everyone gets what they need. All this is why I bring up those tomatoes. Our time, talents and resources are like tomatoes in a garden: they are gifts that we have been given from God’s abundance that we then have the joy of sharing.

Please pray about how God is calling you to get involved, share your blessings and make a difference through the ministry of St. Paul’s. Every gift matters because it is part of the great economy of the Kingdom of God through which Jesus is making everything new. Thank you for being part of it, and God bless you!




The Rev. D. Dixon Kinser