Summer Enrichment Program Support Needed

Help support this year’s Summer Enrichment Program by donating snacks and bottled water by Friday, June 28. The snacks will be especially welcomed on swimming days, and bottled water most appreciated on field trips throughout July, when keeping thirsty campers hydrated can be a challenge.

Ideally, we have enough of the same type of individually-wrapped snack—granola bars, Rice Krispies Treats™, chips, Goldfish®, etc.—to serve all 70 campers so that each child receives the same snack. (Assorted flavor varieties are fine.)

If shopping for 70 is too much of an undertaking, we encourage you to coordinate snack purchases with fellow-parishioners to make sure we have enough of each type of snacks. We have 12 swimming days planned, so your help with covering the costs of 840 snacks provides a huge benefit to the program!

We also need bottled waters for the SEP kids when they travel. They visit museums and a farm, plus other fun trips, and bottled water is essential.

Please drop your snacks and bottled water in the designated bin for Summer Enrichment Snacks located at the Goodheart Entrance. You may also leave boxed cases of snacks and water prominently labeled “SEP Snacks” near the bin.

Thank you so much for your support!