Two Exciting New Titles Added to the Bookstore

Passionate for Justice: Ida B. Wells As Prophet for Our Time by Catherine Meeks and Nibs Stroupe is about Wells as a powerful churchwoman and witness for justice and equity from 1878 to 1931. Born enslaved, her experience flowed through the struggles for justice in her lifetime, especially in the intersections of African Americans, women, and those who were poor. This book is a guide for the current state of affairs in American culture, enlivened by the historical perspective of Wells’ search for justice.

Seeing My Skin: A Story of Wrestling With Whiteness by Peter Jarrett-Schell is about personal journey of a priest’s understanding of his Whiteness that widens into an invitation to wrestle with larger cultural issues of race and belonging.  He delves deeply into how Whiteness has shaped his life. Jarrett-Schell challenges readers to personally consider the role of race in their own lives.  In recent years, white institutions, congregations, and individuals have all begun to wrestle with their racial legacy. But these reflections often get lost abstracting ideas of white privilege, white fragility, structural racism, and the like, until they become nothing more than jargon. This book challenges its readers to look closely at how these concepts show up in their everyday lives. By examining how Whiteness has distorted his own perceptions, relationships, and sense of self, Jarrett-Schell argues for the personal stakes that white people have in dismantling racism, and offers the creative possibilities that emerge when we begin to do the work.