UTO Blue Box

UTO Blue Boxes

Beginning Wednesday, March 6, United Thank Offering Blue Boxes will be available for parishioners to take home.

The United Thank Offering is a program of the Episcopal Church for the mission of the whole church, founded and administered by women since 1889. The UTO mission is to expand the circle of thankful people. Thank offering monies are distributed annually through national and international grants.

This year, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Women are sponsoring this Lenten UTO Blue Box offering, encouraging parish families to use the boxes as part of a spiritual practice of gratitude for Lent and beyond.

Empty boxes will be placed for pick-up at the back of the nave, the chapel entrance, the Goodheart Entrance and the second-floor reception desk. Boxes containing donations are to be returned to the church on Sunday, May 12, when the UTO Spring Ingathering takes place and St. Paul’s gives thanks for the ministry of the ECW.