Window 19: The Glorification of Christ

The Glorification of Christ

Reynolds, Francis & Rhonstock, 1930
To the Glory of God and in loving memory of John Cameron Buxton, 1852-1917, Cameron Belo Buxton, 1878-1926, and Jarvis Buxton, 1882-1892
Given by Caro Buxton Edwards

The theme of this window is β€œThe Glorification of Christ.” This theme is set forth by a symbolic representation of Christ enthroned in heavenly glory and adored by the host of heaven, the prophets, apostles, martyrs, confessors and all types of people on earth.

In the large tracery piece is the figure of Christ in Majesty, enthroned and enclosed within the Vesica or Auriole. His right hand is raised in benediction and in His left hand he holds the orb, symbol of Divine authority. Surrounding the figure of Christ are the symbols of the four evangelists: the angel for St. Matthew, the lion for St. Mark, the ox for St. Luke, and the eagle for St. John. Above the head of Christ is the hand of God the Father issuing from a cloud in the attitude of benediction.

At the tops of the left and right lancets are symbols of the sun and moon, representing all nature in adoration of Christ. At the top of the center lancet is a six-winged seraph representative of the heavenly host that surrounds the throne of God. Beneath the symbols of the sun and moon are angels and archangels standing on cloud forms. The archangel Raphael holds the spear and the archangel Gabriel holds the lily. The medallion at the top of the center lancet and beneath the seraph contains the figures of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. John the Beloved Disciple.

In the next range of medallions reading from left to right, the groups are as follows: the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel; St. Peter, St. Andrew, St. James Major; and the martyrs St. Stephen and St. Sebastian with St. Elizabeth, of Hungary, Confessor.

In the bottom tier of medallions are shown all conditions of men: at the left, a lame beggar, a king offering his crown and a child. In the center a soldier represents the militant Christian and a Bishop the church. At the right are youth and old age.

The design of the window is distinctive and unique. Conceived primarily for gorgeous colored effect, the arrangement of the pattern is extremely simple. In alternating backgrounds of red and blue the figures in colors and whites are silhouetted. These figures in the lancets are of a uniform scale and emphasis has been placed on action and movement. They contrast with and are dominated by the larger figure of Majestas Domini which is imbued with a serene dignity and power. The beautiful orange-red background of the figure of Christ is the most luminous ruby in the entire composition. Its flame-like quality does much to make this figure truly the glorified Christ.
(Adapted from the dedication program for the Buxton Memorial Window, October 5, 2023)