Windows 14 - 24

These windows are in the balcony area of the Nave.

On the east wall under the balcony are two small windows representing the Church (#16)  and Synagogue (#22).

There are four small windows in the stairs leading up and down from the narthex next to the main entrance. On the north side are Blessed are the Peacemakers (down, #17) and The Pharisee and the Publican (up, #18); on the south side are The Good Samaritan (down, #20) and Blessed are the Pure in Heart (up, #21)

In the lower balcony area are four rose windows; two on the New Testament side show St. John on Patmos (#14) and the Madonna and Child (#15).

Two on the Old Testament side show Ruth and Naomi (#23) and the Vision of Isaiah (#24).

The Glorification of Christ

The large window (# 19) over the balcony shows the Glorification of Christ.

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