Window 7: St. Paul

St. Paul

Reynolds, Francis & Rhonstock, 1946
To the Glory of God and in Memory of William Gilbert Lasater, 1842 – 1903, Virginia Stedman Lasater, 1846 – 1923, Andrew Murray Lybrook, 1832 – 1889, and Mary Reynolds Lybrook, 1844 – 1888
Given by Robert Edward Lasater and Nancy Lybrook Lasater
North transept

This window follows our patron saint from his conversion though his missionary journeys.

Left (from bottom to top)
1. Saul’s Conversion (Acts 9:3-4).
2. Saul baptized by Ananias (Acts 9:17-18).
3. Crippled man healed at Lystra (Acts 14:8-10).
4. Vision at Troas (Acts 16:8-10).
5. St. Paul Preaching at Athens (Acts 17:22-23).
6. St. Paul.

Right (from bottom to top)
1. Burning books of magic at Ephesus (Acts 19:18-20).
2. St. Paul in prison at Philippi of Macedonia (Acts 16: 23-24).
3. St. Paul converts a jailer at Philippi (Acts 16:27-33).
4. St. Paul labors at tent-making (Acts 18:1-3).
5. St. Paul brought before King Agrippa by Festus (Acts 26:1-2).
6. St. Peter.

Rose: Christ the King of Martyrs. With arms outstretched, crowned and robed in an alb with a blue mantle falling over his shoulders, He is placed on a green, or living, cross, which extends into the lobes. The figure of Christ is enclosed within a ruby vesica or oval aureole. In the background are four seraphim.

In semi-circles around border: Twelve disciples
Left lancet, reading from left to right and upward:
1. St. Peter holds his attribute, two keys
2. St. Andrew, the cross
3. St James Minor, a fuller’s club
4. St. Phillip, a basket
5. St. James Major, a pilgrim’s staff and wallet
Right lancet, reading from left to right and upward:
1. St. Thomas holds a spear
2. St. Bartholomew, a flaying knife
3. St. Matthew, a battle axe
4. St. Simon, a saw
5. St. Jude, a cross
6. St Matthias, a halbert


Forms of the cross
Open Bible, sword
Chi Rho (first two letters in Greek of “Christ”)
Crossed swords
Tri-radiant nimbus
Eucharistic robes