Drop-off and Pick-up Guidelines


The line for dropping off and picking up Preschool students two years old and older forms on Pilot View Street. Do not attempt to enter the carpool line Pilot View Street from Summit Street or Jersey Avenue—turn onto Pilot View only from Broad Street.


  • Carpoolers (age 2 and older) may be dropped off from 9:00 - 9:15 a.m.  each morning with teacher assistance
  • Children in first floor classes (2-year-olds) enter from the carpool door in the covered drive-thru area
  • Children in second floor classes (3-year-olds, Pre-K and Readiness students) enter from the side driveway door
  • On rainy days, all children are dropped-off at the covered drive-thru in back (look for the sign)


  • Children (3 years old and older) sit under their carpool numbers in the first floor hall while waiting for pick-up at noon
  • Two-year-olds remain in their classrooms until called for pick-up
  • Cars line up on Pilot View Street, stopping at the entrance to the church’s back parking lot
  • Parents of infants and toddlers may park only between 11:45-11:55 a.m. in the drive-through area (with a teddy bear decal). If picking up infants and toddlers after 11:55, park in the parking lot across Pilot View Street
  • Turn off car engines when in the covered drive-thru and get out of the car to meet your child
  • Approved car seats or boosters are required for all children attending St. Paul’s Preschool

Family ID Numbers

  • Each child must have a family ID number.
  • ID numbers are to be displayed on the lower passenger-side windshield. A teacher will note numbers from cars in line, relay the numbers by walkie-talkie to teachers inside, and your child(ren) will be escorted outside to meet you
  • Yellow Family ID# cards are required for all pick-ups as a security measure
  • If you plan to carpool with another family, you should also have their number

Park and Walk In

  • When parking, use only the main parking lot except for infants and toddlers, as noted above
  • Enter and exit the main parking lot from 5th Street only to avoid carpool congestion on Pilot View Street
  • Do not park on Pilot View Street. Use the parking lot, as on-street parking causes congestion


Enter at the Goodheart Entrance at the back of the church and wait in the lower lobby until the Preschool hall doors open at 9:00 a.m.


  • The line forms outside room #114
  • Parents are not allowed past the barrier on the first floor hall after 11:55 a.m. during carpool time
  • Children sitting in the hall and in 2-year classrooms will be released to parents beginning at noon
  • Yellow Family ID# cards are required for all pick-ups as a security measure

Drop-Off and Pick-Up for Infants and Toddlers

  • Parents and caregivers must go inside to drop off and pick up infants and toddlers
  • Brief parking is allowed in the covered drive-through
  • Drop-off children at their classroom door
  • Yellow Family ID# cards are required for all pick-ups as a security measure
  • Pick up toddlers from the courtyard
  • Pick up infants from the doorway off the courtyard hallway