The Ingram Scholarship

A Message from St Paul’s Rector

If you, your child, or someone you love has attended St. Paul’s Preschool during the past three decades, you have been touched by Judy Ingram’s ministry. As a Preschool alumnus who went on to become Rector at St. Paul’s, I have been doubly blessed as both a student and colleague by Judy’s capable leadership. (That’s me on the back row in my Superman shirt.)

Judy will retire next month after nearly 30 years of service. To honor her, the Preschool Board and I have created The Ingram Scholarship Fund, a need-based financial aid program that will make St. Paul’s Preschool available to more families, regardless of circumstance. While making a high-quality preschool education more readily accessible to those who most need it, the scholarship fund will also help prepare and position St. Paul’s Preschool to thrive for another 30 years.

I am inviting you to prayerfully consider contributing to The Ingram Scholarship Fund as a parting gift for Judy. If you wish to be part of this endeavor, please send a check made out to St. Paul’s with “Ingram Scholarship Fund” in the memo line. You may also donate to the scholarship fund online by clicking here:


Thank you for considering this opportunity to honor Judy by making the Preschool program more available and accessible to all and for helping to make every day at St. Paul’s better than the day before.


The Rev. D. Dixon Kinser