A Pastoral Note

Initiated by clergy in March 2013, A Pastoral Note is an emailed message sent periodically, with permission of the family, to announce the death of a parishioner. At the discretion of clergy, A Pastoral Note may be sent to announce the death of a former or inactive parishioner or of anyone of special interest to the parish.

Within the standard format, the message includes the birth and death date and full name of the deceased, funeral and family reception arrangements if at St. Paul’s, the family’s memorial gifts preferences and a prayer from The Book of Common Prayer customized with the name of the deceased. Surviving family members who are current, active parishioners are listed by name in the context of a prayer request.

If a photograph of the deceased is available, either from the family or from a newspaper or funeral home obituary, it is included. Otherwise, an image of a cross is used.

All interaction with the family concerning A Pastoral Note is handled by clergy.