Service Leaflets

The church publishes a printed service leaflet for each regular worship service, as well as for special services, weddings and funerals.

Most service leaflets are printed in-house on a single 11-by-17-inch white sheet, Z-folded in thirds, using a standard format adopted in July 2013.

Leaflets for special services, weddings and funerals are often printed in-house as stapled booklets using either 11-by-17-inch sheets folded to 8.5-by-11 or 8.5-by-11-inch sheets folded to 5.5-by-8.5 inches. Printing is outsourced for selected leaflets at Christmas and Easter.

Wedding service leaflets are designed under the direction of officiating clergy, with input from the assigned Wedding Director, who serves as liaison with the couple. Only approved liturgies of the Episcopal Church are used. Standard leaflets may be printed on white or ivory paper with a line drawing of the church or a Celtic cross on the front cover.

While couples may change the graphic design of their wedding service leaflet, they may not change the wording of the liturgy. Couples who redesign the appearance of their leaflet must submit the finished design draft to the Worship Publications Coordinator for approval by clergy before printing. No further changes may be made to the approved version.

Funeral service leaflets are designed under the direction of officiating clergy, who act as liaisons between the Worship Publications Coordinator and the families of the deceased.

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