St. Paul’s Vestry is the legal governing and decision-making body of the church, consisting of the Rector and 12 elected lay representatives who serve three-year terms. Four new members are elected each year.

The Vestry’s duties include calling the Rector, approving the budget, making policy and approving expenditures. Each Vestry has a Senior and Junior Warden, both elected from among members of the Vestry by the Vestry itself.

Summaries of Vestry meeting minutes are posted online.

Class of 2020

  • Tom Connors, Senior Warden, Capital Campaign, Faith & Justice Committee, Finance Committee, Stewardship Committee, Upfit Committee liaison
  • Brian Patterson, Adult Formation, Men’s Ministry, Youth Ministries liaison
  • Emily Shute, Senior Adults Ministry, St. Paul’s Preschool liaison
  • Liz Vaughn, Episcopal Church Women, Young Adults Ministry liaison

Class of 2021

  • Henri Brown, Junior Warden, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Finance Committee, Safety Committee, Stewardship Committee, Upfit Committee liaison
  • Bill Orr, Human Resources Committee, Lay Staff liaison
  • Richard Rogers, Investments Committee, Welcome Committee liaison
  • Christine Storch, Communications Committee, ReadWS liaison

Class of 2022

  • Scott Adams, Children’s Ministries, Music liaison
  • Laura Edmundson, Outreach, Summer Enrichment Program liaison
  • DD Hellebush, Ecclesiastical Arts, Finance Committee liaison
  • Gray Smith, Memorials Fund, Planned Giving liaison