Since 1972, ParishLife has been regularly published by St. Paul’s as a primary source of news and information about the church. Under the direction of the Rector, the Communications Director edits ParishLife.

In its current form, ParishLife is a monthly four- to eight-page-plus-inserts full-color printed publication. A digital version is made available online as soon as the approved file goes to the printer. It is mailed using Periodicals Postage Rate. Delivery times can vary from one day to a week or more.

Because it is mailed to all households of active parishioners, ParishLife is the sole ongoing publication of the church capable of reaching the entire parish. (The other option for reaching the entire parish is by letter or other printed material sent via the U.S. Postal Service.)

In addition to news articles, features and photographs related to various ministries and programs of the church, most issues of ParishLife contain a clergy reflection, a report from the Senior Warden, a summary of Vestry meeting minutes and a Transitions section, also published in ParishLight. (Details about Transitions are included elsewhere in this document.)

The Rector reviews and approves ParishLife story lists and proofs developed by the Communications Director prior to publication. Other clergy, staff, lay leaders and parishioners may be asked to review and confirm the accuracy of articles pertinent to their ministries before publication.

Deadlines and production schedules vary from month to month depending on the liturgical calendar, program and event scheduling, the timeliness of key contributors’ submissions and the Communications Director’s work load. The Communications Director maintains an online calendar of the publication schedule, accessible through the St. Paul’s web site.

Story ideas are welcome and should be submitted by the “stories due” date published for each issue.

Space is limited in ParishLife, particularly in the four-page issues. Every effort is made to include all requested and submitted stories, but the Communications Director may edit stories for length or schedule them in a later issue, if necessary.

Submissions and story requests received after the stories deadline may or may not be published in the upcoming issue, at the discretion of the Communications Director.

Inappropriate or unsuitable submissions, as determined by the Communications Director, will not be published.

ParishLife Inserts

Because ParishLife reaches all parish households and is mailed at an economical periodicals postage rate, the church inserts brochures (11 x 17 inch sheets folded to 8.5 x 11) and flyers (8.5 x 11 inch sheets) to promote specific programs and events. Regularly scheduled inserts produced by the Communications Director include:

  • Faith in Formation Fall Adult Formation brochure (September)
  • Advent and Christmas Services flyer (December)
  • Faith in Formation Winter-Spring Adult Formation flyer (January)
  • Vestry Candidates flyer (January)
  • Lenten Programs and Events brochure (February)
  • Holy Week and Easter Services flyer (March)