Christian marriage is a rich blessing and an extraordinary gift from God.  All committed, lifelong relationships, whether for different-sex couples, or for gender and sexual minority couples, are to be outward and visible signs of an inward, spiritual, and God-given love.  The occasion when couples approach the Church with the intention of being married, or seeking the blessing of their civil marriage, is an opportunity to invite them deeper into the life of Christ. In this context, St Paul’s Episcopal Church seeks to support all couples in their commitment to one another and to help make the love of God more visible for the whole community.

The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage at St. Paul’s is generally intended for members of the parish or their children. Those who come to the church seeking God’s blessing on their relationship should do so with a clear intention of maintaining an active participation in the life of our community of faith.

Weddings are generally held in the nave or the chapel at St. Paul’s.

Weddings here are conducted by St. Paul’s clergy; however, other clergy may be invited by one of our clergy to participate in the service.

Canon law of the church requires that at least one of the couple is a baptized Christian.

Premarital work with clergy is required for all couples and adequate time needs to be allowed for this.  Before any date is officially set, couples need to meet with the officiating clergy.

If you have any questions, need to inquire about dates, or would like to arrange for premarital counseling, contact Betsy Reiners at 723-4391, ext. 1219 or by email.

Download the Marriage Guidelines document. 

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