Choir School

St. Paul’s Choir School gives singers from first through twelfth grades an outstanding musical education through regular study and performance.  Each week members have opportunities for meeting challenges in a loving, team-oriented environment, and the privilege and responsibility of leading public worship. Through a structured incentives program modeled on the Royal School of Church Music’s Voice for Life training scheme, our singers learn to appreciate the value of achieving short and long range goals individually and collectively. Singers are exposed to the greatest works of sacred music. Concerts, choir festivals, and travel are a regular part of the program as well.

Voice For Life is a graded program with informal assessments at each level, which offers instruction in the following areas:

  • Using the voice well
  • Musical skills and understanding
  • Repertoire
  • Belonging to the choir
  • Choir in context

Ribbons and medals are awarded for the completion of each stage of the program.

In addition to regular weekly instruction and rehearsals, choir members are encouraged to participate in regular RSCM training courses. In recent years, our singers have traveled to a number of different cities, including most recently, Columbia, South Carolina, for treble festivals and courses.

A highlight of the year is the week-long RSCM summer course. We are very fortunate in Winston-Salem to be close to two of the nationally-renowned summer courses: the Carolina Course in Durham and the Charlotte Course. Both are typically held in mid-July. More information about the RSCM courses, including an excellent video, can be found on the RSCM America web site’s training courses page.

Download the current Choir School Handbook.

Parents, download the letter of commitment and complete it on behalf of your children and return to the music staff.

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