Church from Home

Notice: St. Paul’s has only limited indoor, in-person gatherings and we continue both online worship and outside, in-person worship, online formation, children and youth services, and outreach.

Welcome to our “Church from Home” portal. The live stream for church services is available below. Text “give” to (833) 796-0346 to donate.

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The Service Leaflet is available here. You can have the leaflet link emailed to you Sunday morning by signing up for email notifications here >>

Having trouble? It may be a technical issue. There are three other ways to watch the stream that may be working:
- View on Facebook here >>
- View on YouTube here >>
- View on Vimeo here >>

Tips to Streaming St. Paul’s


To see past Sunday live-streams, visit our Vimeo page here >>
You can also listen to audio-only versions of the sermon here >>

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Please note that the staff and clergy are working hard to continue the mission of St. Paul’s to be a house of prayer for all people. Given the rapidly changing environment that we have had to adapt to, we are experimenting and trying new things. We may get some things wrong, and there will be difficulties, so we ask for your grace during this time. To quote Matthew 5:7, “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.”

Christians throughout history have had to find creative ways to worship, and the good news is that St. Paul’s gets to join in that creative endeavor. The staff and clergy at St. Paul’s is committed to providing opportunities for all of us to live into the gospel through worship, fellowship, and formation while protecting the well-being of our church family.

Here are some important notes about what we are working on:

  • We have upgraded our equipment to increase our live-streaming capabilities. For now, we will be streaming on our Facebook page here >>
  • We have upgraded our Zoom (video conferencing) capabilities and are currently researching ways to provide formation and fellowship through that resource.
  • St. Paul’s has been working extensively to have contingency plans in place for various scenarios and is committed to being a house of prayer for all people no matter what our day-to-day life is like.

A house of prayer for all people.