Gift Acceptance Policies

The church encourages members and friends to make gifts to accomplish God’s will by meeting the current and future needs of the church. It is the policy of the church to encourage each member of the parish to consider a planned gift for the Church, either as part of his or her estate plan or as a direct lifetime gift.

The church also believes that a vigorous, non-endowed Annual Giving Campaign provides a regular opportunity for each member of the parish to consider and renew his or her commitment to the mission and ministry of Christ through the annual operating fund of St. Paul’s. We therefore encourage parishioners, to consider unrestricted planned gifts.

We urge parishioners considering a planned or major gift to consult with Stewardship and Planned Giving personnel, a member of the Clergy, or the Senior Warden before a gift is committed.

General Policies

1. All information concerning donors and prospective donors shall be held in the strictest confidence.

2. Accepted gifts will be recognized unless anonymity is requested.

3. Persons acting on behalf of the church shall encourage the donor to discuss the proposed gift with the legal and/or tax advisors of the donor’s choice, at the donor’s expense.

4. Persons acting on behalf of the church shall advise the donor that it is the donor’s responsibility to obtain and pay for any necessary appraisals and file appropriate IRS tax forms for appropriate deductibility.

5. The Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving, senior clergy, and the Senior Warden are authorized to negotiate planned gift arrangements with prospective donors, subject to final approval by the Vestry. It is recommended that a combination of the positions named be included in these negotiations.

6. The church encourages charitable remainder and lead trusts, but only where another organization or individual serves as trustee. Examples of appropriate trustees can be provided by the Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving

7. If the church accepts gifts of tangible personal property; it shall be on the condition that the church may later dispose of such property, in its discretion. Expenses incurred in association with the gift will be paid for by the donor or reimbursed from the proceeds.

Gift Review Procedures

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