Annual Giving: Saints Among Us

Dear St. Paul’s Parishioner,

Thank you for sticking with us over these past months, and for adjusting to our current ways of worshiping and doing God’s work not only in our parish but also beyond. Thank you for your patience as we navigate the best ways to continue serving you. St. Paul’s has always been the foundation for prayer, support, and encouragement—and this has only been highlighted during this pandemic.

We recognize now more than ever how vital St. Paul’s is to each of us and our community, and how important we are to each other. We find value in each of our parishioners, our Saints who:

  • continue to plug-in on Sunday mornings for worship,
  • lead difficult conversations around racism and inequality,
  • participate in the daily offices offered during the week,
  • assist with The Center for Hope dinners,
  • share musical talents during worship,
  • pray for and call their neighbors to ask how they are doing, and
  • weekly seal an envelope with their offering or pledge commitment.

You are the Saints Among Us, who have made, all these opportunities for worship, outreach, and connection possible. We hope you will continue to do so.

We are calling all our Saints to join us in participating in the stewardship campaign this year. We believe deeply that whatever resources we may have or accumulate are gifts of God’s grace and goodness, and as disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to serve God through these gifts—even during a pandemic.

Warmly in Christ,

Chris and Anne Dunn, Campaign Chairs

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