Vestry Recommendations

The Vestry is a vital part of life at St. Paul’s. Any parishioner may be considered. Is there someone you think the committee should review? Let the committee know by filling out the form below. Note, members of St. Paul’s are free to suggest themselves if they are willing to serve.

You can fill out a recommendation form online. click here >>
You can also print out a form. view pdf >>


The mission of the vestry is to make certain that the financial, physical, and other assets of St. Paul’s are effectively and properly employed to ensure that the church can meet its mission.

Per church bylaws, vestry membership requires each candidate:

1) Be a confirmed Episcopalian

2) Be a member in good standing at St Paul’s (attends services regularly and financially supports the church.)

3) Has attained 16 years of age.

The responsibilities of a vestry member include:

1) Attending the Vestry Retreat, which is held the weekend after the annual meeting.

2) Attending Vestry Meetings, usually held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm.

3) Serving as Vestry Member of the Day, 5 or 6 times each year.

4) Serving on 2-3 vestry committees.

5) Actively supporting other church activities.   

6) Serving a three (3) year term.

To submit a name electronically please visit:

If you prefer to send your suggestion by paper form:

1) Mail your form to Tom Connors, Senior Warden-St Paul’s, 520 Summit Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, or

2) Put your Vestry Suggestion Form in the Wardens mailbox (located next to the second level reception desk), or

3) Scan the form and email it to Tom Connors, Senior Warden,