Brad and Laura Ross

Annual Giving

Parishioners Brad and Laura Ross are chairing the 2018 annual giving campaign. They have chosen as the campaign theme, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

Brad, a cradle Catholic, was born in Washington D.C., grew up in Charlotte and worked in the consumer package industry for more than 30 years.

A cradle Episcopalian, Laura was born in New York, grew up in Raleigh and worked at IBM until she and Brad began their family.

The couple met as students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and all three of their children—Ashley, 30, Courtney, 28 and David, 24—are graduates of UNC.

The Rosses moved to Winston-Salem and began attending St. Paul’s in summer 2005 when Brad’s employer transferred him from Hartsville, South Carolina, to Winston-Salem.

Brad and Laura joined a small group at St. Paul’s in 2006 and continue as active members. They were also teachers for David’s confirmation class and participated in Foyers groups together. Laura has led junior high Sunday school classes and served as a member of the Adult Formation Committee. She was St. Paul’s Small Group Coordinator, co-chaired the Kanuga Parish Weekend for two years and recently began serving on the Flower Guild.

Among the family milestones celebrated at St. Paul’s are David’s confirmation in 2008, Courtney’s marriage in May 2015 and Ashley’s marriage in September 2016.

“We love the sense of community and family that we feel at St. Paul’s,” said Laura, “and we love the via media—the middle way belief in the Episcopal Church where we don’t have to all agree but we still worship together.”

The Rosses agreed to chair the campaign in response to an invitation from the Rev. D. Dixon Kinser, Rector. “Naturally, we felt the need to respond to Dixon’s call for help and we both share a desire to give back to a church that has given so much to us,” said Laura.

“We chose ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow’ as our theme because we feel that blessings are a two-way street,” said Brad. “Blessings flow from God to us and from us to God. We have been given many gifts—spiritual, emotional and physical—and we feel the need to give back to the church community that has supported us.”

“We also feel strongly that stewardship is not only about financial contributions but also about volunteering,” added Laura. “That’s why we are having a parish ministry fair during formation time on September 17, the day we launch the campaign.”

The Rosses are excited about St. Paul’s purchase of the property at 875 West Fifth Street. “We’re looking forward to seeing how we can use the building to expand the mission of St. Paul’s throughout God’s Kingdom,” said Laura. “We’re also excited to see what opportunities and challenges God has in store for us in the coming years.”

“We hope, as parishioners open their pledge packets, they will consider all the blessings they have received and consider paying them forward through participating in ministries and pledging financially,” said Brad.

“Brad and I find so much joy in becoming involved in a ministry as well as giving financially,” said Laura. “And just like giving and receiving love, the blessings seem to multiply and come back to you to give again.”

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