Vestry Approves Capital Campaign

Published in the October 2018 issue of ParishLife.

At its August 22 meeting, the Vestry unanimously approved a capital campaign for St. Paul’s. The campaign theme is ReNEWal: Inside and Out. Campaign priorities include repairing and restoring the 1928 building, making improvements to the education building, renovating and furnishing the 875 West Fifth Street property, repairing Dalton Memorial Garden, attending to other campus needs and increasing the church’s endowment.

Parishioners Charlotte and David Broughton have agreed to chair the ReNEWal campaign. “We love St. Paul’s, we love the people at St. Paul’s and we love all that St. Paul’s does in this community,” said David, a former Senior Warden. “We recognize that there are generations before ours that have contributed significantly to the church’s physical structure and also to outreach and other programs. We see the ReNEWal campaign as an opportunity and frankly, a responsibility for our generation to step up and do the same—not only so we can enjoy the immediate benefits but for future generations to receive from us this gift and all it implies.”

“We want St. Paul’s to remain the long-standing church that it is,” added Charlotte, a life-long member of St. Paul’s. “The ReNEWal campaign will secure the church’s longevity and allow it to be here for generations to come.”

The Broughtons have been attending planning meetings and acquainting themselves with the details of the identified needs and proposed projects. “We have been humbled and feel so grateful at the overwhelming outpouring of support we’ve received already, not only from people who’ve agreed to serve on the campaign cabinet, but also from people who support the campaign generally,” said David. “We especially appreciate those who have already spent countless hours assessing the needs and doing so much of the preliminary analysis and planning.”

“As the campaign plans are taking shape, we like that such a wide range of important needs will be addressed,” said Charlotte. “As diverse as our parish is, in terms of personalities, interests and priorities, there seems to be something for everybody.”

“We’re also excited about the possibilities the theme suggests for renewal, inside and out,” added David. “We see that applying not just to the church buildings, grounds, outreach ministries, church programs and endowment, but to the people who participate in the campaign. Besides being a tremendous gift to St. Paul’s and the community, a gift to the campaign is going to help renew the donor’s commitment to the church, the community and Christ.”