Holy Week Children’s Chapel

This week Children’s Chapels will focus on helping children understand Holy Week. On Palm Sunday, children are encouraged to bring greenery from their garden to yell, “Hosanna!” as we welcome our king. (Time at 11 am).

On Wednesday, we will continue the Faces of Easter, telling the story of Jesus through Good Friday (time at 9:30 am).

On Maundy Thursday, Children’s Chapel will focus on how this Service is different, the story, and what to look for in the telecast service, which follows. (Time is 5 pm)

On Good Friday, Children’s Chapel will focus on the Good Friday Liturgy, the story, and what to look for in the following service. (Time is 11:30 am).

On Holy Saturday, Children’s Chapel will follow the 10:00 am Holy Saturday Service and will focus on the time from Good Friday until Easter Morning.

On Easter, children are encouraged to pick flowers and bring them to Children’s Chapel. Children’s Chapel will focus on the resurrection and new life!!! (Time is 11 am).

For all the chapels, do not forget to find the egg “hidden” and guess the Bible Story it represents.

Ways to Keep Holy Week at Home

Palm Sunday: gather greenery from your yard. During Children’s Chapel, we will wave it and yell, “Hosanna!” Create a “Holy Week” space in your house (a corner or table) and place the greenery as a reminder of the start of the week. You can make a crown for the king and put it in your Holy Week space. A battery-operated candle can be used for prayer time.

Wednesday of Holy Week: at Children’s Chapel we will hear what has happened and what is to come and Jesus as teacher, healer, storyteller, and messiah. Choose a role of Jesus and put a symbol representing that role on their “Holy Week” space. Letting the children choose the object or picture creates a beautiful chance at sharing.

Maundy Thursday: each family member is encouraged to wash each other’s feet or hands before they eat tonight. Add a small towel to the “Holy Week” space.

Good Friday: this is not the end of the story, but an important part of the story! After the service, create a cross from twigs or other objects at home and put it on your “Holy Week” space.

Holy Saturday: To the “Holy Week” space add a picture of the family that is not there with you. We are learning about waiting and missing those not with us.

Easter: have the children pick flowers or draw flowers. Remove all the items from the “Holy Week” space and replace with flowers. This is a big deal!!! This is amazing!