Annual Giving: Giving Hands, Grateful Hearts

Dear St. Paul’s Parishioner,

Have you ever looked at your own hands and thought about what awe-filled things they can do?

Your hands do amazing things. From holding a child for the first time to feeding someone in need, your hands foster love and grace.

This year’s campaign, Giving Hands Grateful Hearts: Grow, Give, Bless, and Serve, celebrates the many ways this parish shares God’s abundant love and grace with others.

Your pledge of any amount helps us grow in our relationship with Jesus. It allows us to serve our elderly community through the ROSES Ministry, to give over 90 children an opportunity to participate in Summer Enrichment and Vacation Bible School and blesses all of us through the liturgy and worship at St. Paul’s every Sunday and through the week. None of this is possible without the support of all the parishioners of St. Paul’s. Although we cannot participate in every ministry here, by making an annual pledge, your hands and hearts become an intricate component in all the ministries that make St. Paul’s the place it is. 

We invite you to prayerfully consider how your hands and hearts can be used here St. Paul’s. We hope this year will be the inaugural year for you to pledge to St. Paul’s! We have enclosed a pledge card and confidential reply envelope in this packet. You can place the completed card and envelope in the offertory plate during any worship service or simply mail it. You can even pledge online at

Also enclosed is a notecard. We encourage you to write your prayers for the coming year on it and share how your hands and hearts can bless others here at St. Paul’s and in our larger community. On November 17th, we will bring up our prayers (and pledge cards if you haven’t yet pledged) to the altar for a special blessing.


Tim Cooper, Co-Chair            Kate Cooper, Co-Chair

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