Questions on the Road to Emmaus: Resources for Small Groups

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Greetings St. Paul’s!

On the Third Sunday of Easter (Aril 26), I preached a sermon about Jesus meeting his disciples on the road to Emmaus. My suggestion was that, like Cleopas and his companion, it’s time for us to start asking questions about what our life will look like when we return to a new normal as a parish and as a people. Curiosity, it seems, is part of how we discern and participated in resurrection and so I proposed four questions that would help us do this good work. I also challenged our church to start asking them now.

This is a resource I’ve put together to go deeper with these questions. It is a guide to use with your small group, circle meeting, or family devotional time. I’ve given you three options for exploring the questions in one session or four sessions.

This season is hard and sad, but it is also Easter. That makes questions like these all the more appropriate. Resurrection doesn’t ignore the tragic, awful, and painful, instead, it includes it. Because resurrection is a power so great it can bring good out of even the most horrible circumstances, then we, while still lamenting, dare to look for hope.

I hope these questions help us in that process!

Easter Peace,


The link to the sermon is here:
and the message begins at 28:31